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    Rural Dean's Letter - December 2016
    You are by now some distance into your Interregnum. I trust you are finding the journey, if a little complex, not too demanding. I use the word journey because this is what you are on. You are the church...

    Rev'd John Benson's Eulogy
    On October 2nd our Rector John Benson led his last services in the Benefice before retiring to Herefordshire the next day. At his valedictory lunch in Halstead Village Hall on that last Sunday a number of tributes and presentations were made to John and Pat, amongst them this speech of thanks and commendation...

    Rector's Letter - October 2016
    They say that life comes in two parts. The first is when we are all busy "doing" things, being educated, having careers or families and so on. The second part, on retirement, life changes to one of "Being", of reflecting on such things as "Who am I?" and "Where does my life fit into the great scheme of things?" It all sounds a bit far-fetched to me, but I am about to find out...

    Rector's Letter - September 2016
    "There's no place like home!" - so the old song goes. We all need a place where we feel that we belong. Pat and myself have very happily made our home in these villages these last 10 years and it has gone all too quickly...

    Rector's Letter - August 2016
    I am often asked "How much do you charge for a christening?" The answer is a surprise. Nothing! It is completely free. It has to be as it is God's gift of love. I feel that the church has failed...

    Rector's Letter - July 2016
    It's Carnival Time again! This biennial event is not to be missed! The whole community joins in the fun and it is all raising money for good causes! We might be surprised at the origin of carnivals. Carne vale means "goodbye to meat"...

    Rector's Letter - June 2016
    In the "olden days", before the advent of Xboxes and iPads, one the ultimate toys for boys was a model railway set. If you had the room, money and passion you could make for yourself a little world of your own, where you were in complete control...


  • Upcoming Events

    Sunday 11th December
    09:00 Choral Matins (BCP)
    10:30 Family Communion (CW)
    19:30 Halstead Jazz Carol Concert

    Sunday 18th December
    09:00 Early Bird Service (CW)
    10:30 Said Communion (CW)
    18:00 Carols by Candlelight
    18:30 Lessons & Carols

    Saturday 24th December
    16:00 Crib Service
    17:00 Crib Service
    23:30 Midnight Communion
    23:30 Midnight Communion

    Sunday 25th December

    Christmas Day

    10:00 Christmas Communion
    10:30 Christmas Communion

    Saturday 31st December

    New Years Eve

    Sunday 1st January

    New Years Day


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