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    Website Update
    We are updating various sections of the website. As part of this, we have switched to using Google Calendar for our Benefice Calendar. Please see What's On > Benefice Calendar for details of upcoming services and events. You can add the Google Calendar to your smartphone for live updates using the 'Add Calendar' button in the bottom right hand corner of the Benefice Calendar page. Read More

    The Rector Writes - November 2019
    Can you believe that it was 30 years ago this month, on 9th November 1989 that the fall of the Berlin Wall began?  Over two million people from East Berlin visited the West in a celebration described as ‘the greatest street party in the history of the world.’ However, we are still living with walls, thinking of those dividing Gaza and Palestine from Israel. It’s a strong human instinct to build walls to separate us from those we view as different and threatening. (Or think of the divisions in our own society between Brexiteers and Remainers). Read More

    The Rector Writes - October 2019
    As soon as the schools go back, and Strictly Come Dancing starts you can be sure that the shops start to become full of pumpkins, and skeleton costumes, ready for Halloween. But how should Christians respond to Halloween? Is it simply a fun festival for the children or does it have a dark side that we should avoid? Read More

    The Rector Writes - September 2019
    September is the time of year when we get back to normal routine after the summer break. Although we can’t always choose what we what will do with our time (there may be no escaping the time spent doing the ironing, or commuting), we can control our attitude towards it. How are we to use our time wisely? What might the Bible say to us here? Read More

    The Rector Writes - August 2019
    “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy..” Well, we may not quite manage to live up to those words from Gershwin, but for many of us that is what the Summer is meant to be about. How many conversations have you had that have included, “where are you going this summer?” Maybe like me, you’ve lost count. “Schools out for summer” Alice Cooper said about writing those lines that the three minutes counting down to the summer holiday are the best in the year. Or, if your taste is more Sir Cliff than either Gershwin or Alice Cooper, then there’s: “we’re all going on a summer holiday” Read More

    Summer Holiday Club 2019
    This year's Summer Holiday Club had us meeting Saul (who became known as Paul by Day 3!) every morning, to hear about his adventures on the road to Damascus... Read More

    The Rector Writes - July 2019
    There was once a university chaplain and all the students going up to university had to meet with him soon after arrival. Inevitably, at some point in that discussion, many of the students would come out with something like, "I don't actually believe in God... Read More


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