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    Rural Dean's Letter - July 2017
    I wonder if we might take a moment to think about kneeling; what is it, why do we do it? We do it so easily, so effortlessly, as children, don't we? It is as natural to children as standing, or sitting or lying down. What about as adults? We kneel to be beside a loved one who is sick...

    Rural Dean's Letter - June 2017
    'Come and see.' Such a simple phrase, and yet one of the most profound in all of scripture. This is God - the creator, the one in whom we all live move and have our being, extending to us a great and gracious invitation. Come and see...

    Rural Dean's Letter - May 2017
    What do we think of when we hear the word 'nun'? Do we immediately summon up in our mind's eye a middle-aged, rather austere woman, in a full-length black dress with some kind of funny-looking headgear? Perhaps, we have had some unhappy experience in our childhood of being schooled by severe nuns...

    Gambia Trip Report - April 2017
    This year, with the mosquitoes biting more than ever and temperatures in the high 30s, our trip was a little gruelling at times, but as always both amazing and rewarding.

    A Letter from our New Rector - April 2017
    The Rector (to be) writes: "On Moving from a Vicarage on Hadrian's Wall to a Rectory on the North Downs"

    St Margaret's Fundraising Letter from PCC
    Do you want your church to still be available for family events, baptisms, weddings, funerals and special services in 5 years' time? We take it for granted because there has been a church in Halstead for over 900 years! But now St Margaret’s needs your help!

    Rural Dean's Letter - April 2017
    Mary Magdalene has a crucial role as witness to us about the Easter Miracle. She has been called 'The Apostle to the Apostles'. For it was she who first encountered the empty tomb...


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