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    Rector's Letter - June 2016
    In the "olden days", before the advent of Xboxes and iPads, one the ultimate toys for boys was a model railway set. If you had the room, money and passion you could make for yourself a little world of your own, where you were in complete control...

    Rector's Letter - May 2016
    Peter's Marland School was a Special Boarding School for teenage boys with difficulties. It was right next door to one of "my" Devon churches, and the boys would attend church regularly...

    Rector's Letter - April 2016
    Marketing is big business these days, but it is not always easy to get it right. General Motors introduced the Nova model to South American and wondered why sales were so poor, until they were told that "No va" meant "it won't go"...

    Charity Visit to The Gambia - February 2016
    We flew out from London Gatwick early on Thursday 18th February, heading out to Banjul International Airport with 120kg of charity luggage...

    Rector's Letter - March 2016
    We all love a story with a happy ending! I have really enjoyed the recent TV drama War and Peace, thought by many to be one of the greatest books ever written...

    Rector's Letter - February 2016
    My friend John Saxbee was a curate in Devonport. One day he called at one of the high rise flats there. The door was opened by a burly dockworker, whose horror at seeing a man in a dog collar on the doorstep was all too obvious...

    Rector's Letter - January 2016
    Best wishes for 2016! The years come round so quickly and it seems to speed up the older one gets! As life rushes on it can make even the most brilliant people worry...


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