Church Services in the New Year

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to come to church - because we know that there is nothing that makes a big a difference to everyday life as the message of the Bible.

We know that having services at varying times can make things harder and more confusing than they need to be, because people have told us.

So in 2018 we are going be trying something different: a single service time in each parish every week. Taking our cue from the most popular service time in each of our parishes, from January 2018 every week you will be able to come along to a 9am service in Knockholt or a 10.30am service in Halstead.

We also want to make our services even more family friendly, so we will be looking at provision for children at things like our communion services - so you never need to worry that your children might not be welcome: we would love to see (and hear!) them.

And for those who love the traditional flavour of the 8am service - there will still be a monthly 8am Prayerbook Communion at each church.

We hope that you will like this new pattern of services, but realise that adjusting to something different may take a while, so give it a go and let us know how it works.

This, then, is how January will look:


St Katharine's

St Margaret's

7 Jan 9:00 Morning Service 8:00 BCP Holy Communion
10:30 All-age service
14 Jan 9:00 Family Communion 10:30 Family Communion
21 Jan 8:00 BCP Holy Communion
9:00 Early Bird service
10:30 Family Communion
28 Jan 9:00 Family Communion 10:30 Morning Service 
4:00 Informal Communion at Badgers Mount