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St Margaret's Fundraising Letter from PCC
Do you want your church to still be available for family events, baptisms, weddings, funerals and special services in 5 years' time? We take it for granted because there has been a church in Halstead for over 900 years! But now St Margaret’s needs your help!

Rural Dean's Letter - March 2017
Hate's a very strong word, isn't it? It can indeed be used in a strong context - for example: 'hate crime' - the way people are so controlled, possessed, by an emotion to the extent that they become unreasonable, anti-social or even violent and vindictive. Then there's the milder meaning...

Rural Dean's Letter - February 2017
'Come and See.' Such a simple phrase, and yet one of the most profound in all of scripture. This is God - the creator, the one in whom we all live move and have our being, extending to us a great and gracious invitation. Come and see...