Choirs & Music at St Margaret's

We are very fortunate to have not one, but two exceptionally talented and dedicated musicians in charge of the musical life at St Margaret's Church, Halstead. Our choirs are trained and led by Clare Pollard and accompanied by our organist, Brian Shilling. You can find out more about our leaders by following the links to their profiles.

Our Youth and Adult Choirs

Our Youth Choir is for children approximately Year 2 upwards and we meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings (6pm - 6.45pm) to rehearse. We sing during the Family Service on the first Sunday of each month at 10.30am. At this service we usually sing three hymns or worship songs and the Youth Choir sing a 'mini-anthem' on their own. We do also follow the RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) Voice for Life awards system, which means that there is the opportunity to work on various aspects of singing and musicianship in order to gain graded awards. This means our members will work towards the various colour ribbons/medals.

The Adult Choir meets twice a month on Wednesday evenings (7pm to 8pm, after Youth Choir) to rehearse. We sing during Matins on the second Sunday of each month (9am) and the Family Communion service on the third Sunday of each month (10.30am). Many of the Adult Choir also support the hymn-singing of the Youth Choir at the Family Services too. Some of our members rehearse and sing only once a month in order to fit around their family commitments, so we are a very flexible bunch - we understand that not everyone can make every rehearsal and service - life does get very busy! We are a very supportive group of people and have a lot of fun whilst making the very best sound we can to praise our God.

At Christmas we have an extended 'Occasional Choir' where people often join us just for the season leading up to our Carol Service - usually a period of weekly rehearsals for the 6 or 7 weeks before Christmas. This means that people who cannot always find the time to commit through the whole year can still join us at one of the most important times of the Church's calendar. Many people return year after year just for this season, which is a delight.

If you would be interested in join our Youth, Adult or Occasional Choir please do contact us.