General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


You may not be aware that General Data Protection Regulations apply to the United Benefice of Knockholt with Halstead. We have set out below a summary of how GDPR impacts on the United Benefice and its activities. Our full privacy notices are linked to at the bottom of this page.

Why we hold your data

Most of the personal data we hold on the basis of 'legitimate interest' (e.g. safeguarding work to protect children and adults at risk). Some of our data processing is necessary for compliance with 'legal obligations' e.g. publishing banns of marriage, or administering the electoral roll. As a religious organisation, we are also permitted to process information to 'administer membership/contact details'. Where we use your information other than on one of the legal bases above, we will first obtain your consent.

What we need you to do

If you would like to ensure that the United Benefice has up to date contact details, please complete the online form available hereor complete a  'GDPR Contact Details and Consent form'. This will help us to keep our database of contact details up to date, as well as record your consent (or lack of consent) re: being kept informed of news, events, services and activities across the Benefice etc.

If you aren't able to complete the online form, hard copy forms are available at the back of each church. Alternatively, please download from the links below.

GDPR Contact Details & Consent Form
Youth Choir Consent Form

NB: while there is space on the form (if you are a parent/guardian) to include details of any children and young people under 16, we do need a separate form for each adult please, to ensure that we have each adult's explicit consent recorded. 


General privacy notice
Privacy notice for role holders (including volunteers)

Updated: March 2020