Summer Holiday Club 2019

This year's Summer Holiday Club had us meeting Saul (who became known as Paul by Day 3!) every morning, to hear about his adventures on the road to Damascus. Each day, we heard about his journey to Christianity and were inspired by his teaching and the amazing stories he told us.

Following the theme each morning were action songs, games, craft and even delicious refreshments. On the first morning, Saul told us that Christians were being stoned for their beliefs - which we knew was awful - however, it meant we were able to tuck into Marianne's delicious rock buns on Day 1!

By the end of the week, we were making paper boats and eating 'fish and chip' snacks, as Paul told us of his treacherous voyage as prisoner on a ship... of course God looked after him and all the crew, so we rejoiced knowing he made it safely to Rome, where he spread the wonderful news of Jesus.

Everyone had a fabulous time and we were thrilled to share with everyone at both churches on the Sunday just what we'd been up to.

Thank you to our wonderful group of 14 children who took part this year, to all our Holiday Club leaders and most of all to Tim who organised everything for us and made it such a relaxed, fun week.

Here's to next year! 👍

Tina Bennett

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