The Rector Writes - April 2019

"He loves me." "He loves me not."

Wondering whether someone loves you, is an awful position to be in.

The agony of trying to guess what lies behind an act, a word, a look has been the engine behind countless films.

And while that may provide fertile ground for laughs in the best romantic comedies, perhaps on this occasion it is the pop songs that are more true to life in capturing some of the torture of that uncertainty.

As Cher sang, "does he love me? I wanna know - how can I tell if he loves me so?"

How can I tell? Maybe, he could tell you?

Say it loud and clear, or write it in black and white - impossible to miss.

But perhaps you might still not be sure. Does he really mean it?

Maybe, gifts to show it. But their intent might be misunderstood.

Ultimately, the test has to come down to action: what will he do for you, what will he give up for you?

True love takes such delight in the one who is loved that it would gladly give up anything.

19 April this month is Good Friday. It is a day that can seem oddly named for when we recall Jesus' suffering and death. How can that be "good"?

But when we see what that was for, that this was Jesus gladly and willingly giving up everything for His people to rescue us from our own folly and sin to bring us to eternal, unimaginable joy, because He loves us - now, that is "good".

"Does He love me? I wanna know"

"He loves me."