Jonah | Summer Holiday Club 2014

This summer's church holiday club, held at St Katharine's Knockholt CE Primary School, saw 30 local youngsters between the ages of 7 and 13 years putting on a one off performance of Jonah, the musical.

The club ran along the lines of a musical theatre workshop over five days, during which time auditions and casting took place by the Monday lunchtime, a read-through that afternoon, followed by three days of learning songs, lines and dance routines.

Each day the children also had time to do art and craft, make props (including our enormous whale) and also had plenty of time to run around, play games and enjoy the super outdoor space and adventure playground which St Katharine's School provides. Every lunchtime, the eight leaders and children were able to enjoy their picnic lunches out in the sunshine, which made it a very relaxed, but fun atmosphere.

The children were vocally coached under the expertise of Jack Bennett, taught dance routines with choreographer Lucy Chivers, guided in their art and craft activities by Anna Miller and Anna Porter and generally looked after by helpers Marianne Chivers, Tara Lynch and Graham Bartlett. I had the pleasure of pulling the show together and directing, to make sure every child's talent shone through... and wow, what talent we had!

For those fortunate enough to witness the Friday afternoon spectacle, they were treated to a truly brilliant show! Not only did we have our own live band (keyboard/drums and percussion) courtesy of Jack and Paul, but the singing, dancing and acting was superb. As the confetti rained down on the children, singing their final big number God's Love Don't Stop and the audience cheered and applauded, I knew it was something to be repeated next summer.

A massive 'thank you' of course to the Jonah team who made the club such a success, but an even bigger thank you and congratulations to our budding young stars who not only were a pleasure to work with, but put on an amazing performance.

So keen to perform again with us next summer, one child asked me whether next year could we either do Frozen or Matilda? Mmmmm, I'm not sure those stories are in the Bible...

Tina Bennett