Things to do in Church

Before the Service

Sit where your child is able to see what is happening at the front of the church. Please don't feel you have to sit at the back so as not to cause a fuss - everyone is welcome at our church whatever their age.

Point out the pulpit, altar, lectern, organ, etc. Explain how they are used. (Pulpit - the preacher delivers the sermon from; altar - the table at the front where Communion is celebrated; lectern - the people reading the Bible will read from here; organ - go and visit our organists and say hello, after they have finished playing at the end of the service!)

Look for colour and symbols in the windows and pictures. Explain that all of these things remind us of God's love and care. Try and count all the crosses in the church. Tell your child that the cross reminds us of Jesus.

During the Service

Childs drawing of the CrossFor the very young who may find concentrating just on the activities at the front a little taxing, in both churches we have ready-prepared activity bags containing various pictures, quizzes etc. and colouring pencils together with a story book or two to help keep little ones occupied during the quieter moments. Please ask when you arrive for a bag suitable for your child's age. If all else fails, please feel free to take your child into the crèche area for as long as necessary, perhaps coming back during the next hymn.

The 1st Sunday of the month at each church is an All-Age Service, and children will generally stay in the service with their parents/grandparents. Sermons may include visual aids, and slides shown on the projector. 

On the 2nd Sunday of the month a children's group meets in the Glass Room (Knockholt)/North Room (Halstead) for part of the service. Children who want to take part leave after the second hymn, returning just before Communion, and enjoy a Bible story on DVD, crafts, games and prayer time. 

On the 3rd Sunday, our family friendly Early Birds service is held at Knockholt at 9am. This service is 30-40 minutes long, comprising snappy songs, a Bible story, prayer, and then squash and biscuits afterwards. There is no children's group at Halstead on 3rd Sunday. 

On the 4th Sunday, arrangements are as for 2nd Sunday.

After the Service

Greet those who led the service at the door. Encourage your child to say hello and shake hands. Talk about the service by mentioning something that you particularly enjoyed (singing, prayers etc.) or something that happened during the service. Talk about the colours you can saw in the church. They change throughout the church year (explained below...)

image of a white stole White, the colour of joy and victory, is used for the seasons of Easter, Christmas and Epiphany. Easter is the joyful celebration of the day that Jesus rose from the dead. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, God's gift to the world, and Epiphany is the time when the church thinks about the glory of Jesus.
image of red stole Red, the colour of blood, is used during Pentecost, which celebrates the day on which the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus' followers.
image of green stole Green, seen everywhere in plants and trees, symbolises life and hope and is used during Ordinary Time.
image of purple stole Purple, in Advent helps us to remember that we are preparing for the coming of Christ. Lent, the season of penance and renewal, begins on Ash Wednesday.