Tots Praise

Pre-school children and babies aged 0 - 4 years

We meet at 2pm on the second Wednesday of each month at either St Katharine's, Knockholt or St Margaret's, Halstead. All pre-school children and babies and their carers are welcome to join us for a fun and informal time of stories, songs and activities, followed by playtime plus drinks and biscuits! Tots Praise is led by Lesley Cooper.


2019 Dates

Weds 13th November - St Margaret's
Weds 11th December - St Katharine's

2020 Dates

Weds 8th January - St Margaret's
Weds 12th February - St Katharine's
Weds 11th March - St Margaret's
Weds 8th April - St Katharine's
Weds 13th May - St Margaret's
Weds 10th June - St Katharine's
Weds 8th July - St Margaret's
August - No Tots Praise

Weds 9th September - St Katharine's
Weds 14th October - St Margaret's
Weds 11th November - St Katharine's
Weds 9th December - St Margaret's